Mar 1

Mini Disco Divas S01E01 WEB h264-TVC

In this first episode we meet best friends Ashton, Lucy and Sophie, from Springburn in Glasgow, aslong with twins Brooke and Taylor from Greenock.

Ashton and Lucy met on the first day of dance school in 2014 and have been inseparable ever since. Along with Lucy’s little sister Sophie, this dance diva trio enjoy strutting their stuff on the freestyle dancefloor at competitions across the country. The trio are about to compete at the Scottish championships in Drumchapel but will their friendship survive when one of them doesn’t get the first place she was hoping for?

Identical twins Brooke and Taylor are awarded a dance scholarship at the Pointe Perfect dance school in Greenock, but after all their hard work, when it comes to competition day, the judges can’t tell them apart. When they move up an age group, a golden opportunity is presented to dance teacher Lauren.


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