Dec 23

Super Meat Boy Forever-CODEX

Release Description:

Meat Boy and Bandage Girl have grown as a couple since 2010. It seems like only yesterday the two love birds were escaping from an exploding laboratory in the sky. Now it’s the current year, and they’ve welcomed their daughter Nugget into the world. Their peaceful days enjoying life as a family came to an abrupt end when Dr. Fetus beat the snot out of them with a rusty shovel, and kidnapped Nugget! Now it’s up to Meat Boy and Bandage Girl to rescue their daughter from a lunatic fetus in a jar that can only be described as an incel version of Tony Stark.

  • Super Meat Boy Forever is the sequel to Super Meat Boy! This is a new experience that eclipses the original. Don’t stare directly at it unless you still have your eclipse glasses.
  • 7200 individually handcrafted levels combine dynamically to give you a new challenge every single time you play. Seven thousand two hundred levels. They said we couldn’t do it, but we did. Who’s they? Don’t ask. They don’t like it when you ask.
  • It’s hard, but fair. Nothing in life worth having comes easy. Just ask Dark Soulman.
  • Meat Boy and Bandage Girl can fight back. It’s time to unleash the raw fury of parenthood on their foes just like Liam Neeson in that documentary about his family vacation in Paris.
  • Bigger boss battles than before. Your mind will be blown. Your socks will be blown off. Team Meat is not liable for any of this.
  • Brand new art with stunning detail and resolution. There are a lot of pixels in here. Grab the biggest display you have and watch those dots change color rapidly with gumption. Don’t sit too close though. (If your parents aren’t home you can sit as close as you want we won’t tell, but Team Meat is still not liable for any of this.)
  • A soundtrack composed by Ridiculon so intense that the state of Wyoming has issued a ban on all audio devices capable of playing it out of fear that just a single note will cause the dormant super volcano beneath Yellowstone to erupt ushering in a new age of darkness.
  • Frame by frame artisan crafted in game animations, and animated cutscenes that will make you experience procedurally generated emotions.
  • A story so rich and moving that it makes Citizen Kane look like an unboxing video for a dehumidifier.
  • Never put the word “Forever” in a video game. It’s a haunted word.

Genre: Action
Developer: Team Meat
Publisher: Team Meat

Release Name: Super.Meat.Boy.Forever-CODEX
Size: 2.4 GB
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Dec 23

Animal Rescuer-DARKSiDERS

Release Description:

Animal Rescuer is helping lovely animals through exploring an epic world with faster gameplay and increased quest and combat intensity.

  • Engage in a great roleplaying experience – achieve quests and complete objectives of the entire story
  • Acquire plants to prepare medicine for lovely animals needing help
  • Meet new people along the way through fantastic cities and villages of this world
  • Demonstrate warrior abilities in epic combats with enemies and bosses

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: Turquoise Revival Games
Publisher: Turquoise Revival Games

Release Name: Animal.Rescuer-DARKSiDERS
Size: 7 GB
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Dec 23


Release Description:

An new third-person action adventure game “Xiao Qing” produced by middle-aged Xiu Xian, a journey of rescue is about to begin. In this single-player plot game, the player plays the role of a smart creature with powerful spells-Xiaoqing. In order to rescue sister Xiaobai, the player will be in danger. Along the way, you must resist mutant attacks, solve organ puzzles, and discover the secrets and conspiracies behind Jinshan Base.

During the game, players can freely match skills and weapons according to their preferences. Can use a variety of guns, swords and super powers. Players can approach the enemy strategically, find out their weaknesses, use their own methods to defeat the enemy, or kill all the way. The choice is up to the player.

“Xiao Qing” is adapted from the Chinese folk tale of the white snake legend. The story tells that Xiaobai and Xiaoqing, who are both wise creatures, are a pair of good sisters. Sister Xiaobai and Xu Xuan met in Broken Bridge. Xiaoqing has been with her sister Xiaobai. Suddenly, one day Xiaobai disappears, and the only clue that remains points to the Jinshan base. Xiaoqing immediately went to Jinshan base. Looking for sister Xiaobai. It was discovered that a huge secret was hidden behind the Jinshan base.

Main Features:

  • Free fighting style-all kinds of firearms: pistols, rifles, submachine guns, shotguns, laser guns. In addition, the condensing gas is a sword-slashing, stab, dodge-and a series of powerful skills, you have to make full use of them to overcome various obstacles on the road. As you learn new strengths and skills during the adventure.
  • Brand-new story-As Xiaoqing who is all about saving her sister, you must overcome all kinds of difficulties and dangers during the journey. A powerful enemy will always threaten you. You must make full use of the environment to protect yourself and defeat the enemy. A large number of rich combat, adventure and puzzle-solving challenges for players to explore and solve.
  • Dangerous journey-under the mysterious wall, mutant creatures. Unidentified dangerous liquid. Wasted pipeline. An empty research base, all these players can travel in “Little Green”. The game uses an open map design, and the player can go where he has been at any time. But the danger has not disappeared.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, RPG
Developer: 中年修仙
Publisher: 中年修仙

Release Name: cyan-DARKSiDERS
Size: 3 GB
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Dec 22

Hand Simulator Horror-DARKSiDERS

Release Description:

Time to work with your hands. In the company of friends or strangers, you are stuck on an old gloomy farm. But the most unpleasant thing is the local inhabitants and they are not at all happy with uninvited guests. It is not possible to find a common language with them, they are by no means people. You need to find a way to get out of there. On your way there will be various obstacles that need to be solved using your hands.

You can test your hands in action in a company of up to 4 people.Hand Simulator: Horror uses a control controller based on physical simulation of the hands. Here you can interact with the world on a completely different level. Only sleight of hand will allow you to get out of this nightmare alive.

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie, Massively Multiplayer, Simulation
Developer: HFM Games
Publisher: HFM Games

Release Name: Hand.Simulator.Horror-DARKSiDERS
Size: 3.5 GB
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Dec 22

The Falconeer The Kraken-CODEX

Release Description:

The Wreck Divers of Batis are renowned for their prowess in recovering relics from the depths of the Ursee, something the Mancer order exploit handily. But recent rumours of ancient monstrosities roaming the depths have led them to approach willing Falconeers to assist them in their tasks. Meanwhile the cartographers guild in Cartohom are using freshblood Falconeers to explore the unknown and map out the Great Ursee. Help escort wreck divers to their diving stations, and protect them from interlopers as they raise treasure from the watery depths, be that from pirates or much older DEADLIER entities – or help to discover all the secrets that the Great Ursee hides within. There are ample new ways to make profit and splinters in this new update – but as always, it comes at a risk…

Game Update Patch Notes:


Turning Speed of enemy birds reduced by 10-25% to provide smoother dogfights and decrease difficulty.
Enemy AI adjusted to prefer smoother turns and tactical retreats to add more of a chase.
Mission difficulty more accurately indicated
Enemy warbirds can now roll to avoid incoming fire
Locked targets now have off screen edge indicators


Debris and anything falling into the Ursee had incorrect or none-existent FX – now has generous splashes.


Improved the store interactions, along with a confirm to purchase / sell mechanic.
Settings sliders now respond to mouse properly and can be dragged
GUI arrows in perch menu and chapter select blink
GUI arrows in perch menu disappear when not needed
The word chapter is removed from the chapter selection GUI


Magnetar rifle and lightning caster have impact sounds, adding weight to their firing.
There is plenty more Ursee to be discovered, so strap yourselves onto your Warbirds and get out there!

A Kraken Competition!

We’ve teamed up with RAZER to provide this fantastic competition, where you can win a Razer Kraken Ultimate gaming headset – and a copy of The Falconeer on Pc to go with it!

Genre: Action, Indie, RPG
Developer: Tomas Sala
Publisher: Wired Productions

Release Name: The.Falconeer.The.Kraken-CODEX
Size: 976.5 MB
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Dec 22

Industrial Firefighters-DARKSiDERS

Release Description:

Industrial Firefighters is the new edition of our well-known firefighter series.
With modern graphics, new soundtrack and intensive atmosphere our well-known fire department series comes to new life.In this action simulation, you take on the role of a firefighter trainee who can work his way up the ranks by mastering a variety of tasks. You will have to face many dangerous missions and prove your skills.


  • Large and freely accessible open game world
  • Countless mission locations
  • Tutorial
  • Career mode
  • Free mode
  • 7 useable vehicles
  • More than 1000 burnable objects
  • Dynamically generated missions for a high replay value
  • Different mission types
  • Different possible occupations on tasks at the fire station
  • Technical failures on vehicles must be detected and repaired
  • Vehicle care (cleaning)
  • Endless gameplay
  • Detailed fire station

Career mode:In career mode, you start as a firefighter trainee and can gradually work your way up the career ladder. With each level you gain access to a new vehicle with new exciting tasks.Free Mode:In the free game mode, all vehicles and mission types are available to you from the very beginning. Right at the beginning you can choose your own vehicle for the shift.Different Mission types:

  • Small Fires
  • Large Fires (inside and outside)
  • Traffic accidents
  • Removal of leaked chemicals
  • Oil trace removal
  • Gas precipitation
  • People rescue


  • Fire extinguisher
  • Compressed air breathing apparatus
  • C-Hose (Fog Nozzle)
  • Axe
  • Flashlight
  • Broom
  • Oil Binding Agent
  • Lead container
  • Pump (to absorb leaked chemicals)
  • Traffic cone

Secondary activities at the fire station:

  • Vehicle maintenance
  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Fitness-training

Genre: Action, Simulation
Developer: VIS-Games
Publisher: SilentFuture

Release Name: Industrial.Firefighters-DARKSiDERS
Size: 5.6 GB
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Dec 22

600Seconds The Deep Church-DARKSiDERS

Release Description:

Exploration Section
For the 600 seconds that remain until the day changes, Mutsuki can explore the church inside this tranquil dream world.
Arm Mutsuki with guns, ammunition, and fire bottles to boost their fighting strength.
Health boosting red mint and health recovering green mint will help to stave off the risk of death.
Doors blocked by coral can be opened with coral keys.
Some walls can also be damaged by guns, and there are bookshelves that can be interacted with to reveal hidden items.
In addition to the 4 guns hidden inside the church, there are another 4 special shining weapons as well.Combat Section
After 600 seconds have passed, a new day begins and it’s time to press into the submerged church.
Mutsuki must search for the bell that will grant an audience with the lord of this nightmare, all while battling, or evading, the monsters that block the way.
Dying inside this nightmare resets everything, and starts the dream over from 23:50 on the 15th of July 1927.

There are no weapons to be found during the combat section, which makes your actions during the exploration section of vital importance.
There is however ammunition and recovery items to find, some of which can be discovered in secret rooms, making exploration an important factor of this nightmare section as well.Regarding language in the game
There is no dialogue or narration in this game, in text or in voice, only a simple controls manual in English.Relation to the Cthulhu Mythos
600 Seconds ~The Deep Church~ is partly based on the Cthulhu Mythos, a fictional universe primarily derived from the works of the authors H.P. Lovecraft and August Derleth.
It is not solely based on the Cthulhu Mythos however, as it also contains aspects of its own original setting, as well as allusions to works besides those listed above.

Genre: Action, Casual, Indie
Developer: StudioGekko
Publisher: StudioGekko

Release Name: 600Seconds.The.Deep.Church-DARKSiDERS
Size: 1.7 GB
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Dec 22

Waiting For The Raven-DARKSiDERS

Release Description:

Become Master of Spies, plant your connections, associates and agents in the underworld and slowly take control over the city.The many tools in your disposal include treachery, espionage, abduction, influence, murder, schemes, plots, bribes, seduction, even the law. Use and abuse them in any way you fancy.Are you a cruel boss of the underworld? Leader of a cult? Greedy and witty businessman? Maybe a secretive spymaster which exists only in rumours of myth? The approach you take may dictate eventually how everyone sees you in this cold-hearted world of espionage and treachery.

  • Dispose of your opponents in many clever ways.
  • Bathe in treachery, choose who to join and who to betray.
  • Negotiate and manipulate different characters through fully voiced letters.
  • Immerse yourself in a unique and chilling atmosphere of mystery.
  • Decrypt & Decipher Secret Letters.
  • Solve Puzzles.
  • Uncover Mysteries.

Genre: Indie, Simulation, Strategy
Developer: Musclebird
Publisher: Musclebird

Release Name: Waiting.For.The.Raven-DARKSiDERS
Size: 889.4 MB
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Dec 22

Override 2 Super Mech League-DARKSiDERS

Release Description:

The gigantic robot brawler is Mech-ing a super-charged comeback in Override 2: Super Mech League!

Seven years after the Xenotypes that invaded Earth have been eradicated, the giant mechs that were once the planet’s defenders are now their entertainers in global mech battle leagues. As a new pilot of these repurposed weapons of war, climb the ranks and represent your Club with a tuned-up roster of returning and new mechs, each with their own unique abilities, moves, and super-charged attacks. Override 2: Super Mech League is playable both in single player and multiplayer campaigns for up to 4 players locally and online in stages set all over the world.

Start as a new pilot and propel yourself through the ranks in a deep and robust Career Mode. Join Mech Leagues and earn reputation by competing in Arenas located across the globe. Duke it out with a tuned-up roster of returning robots and new mechs across various versus and co-op game modes of up to 4 players online and locally. Defeat your opponents using an arsenal of unique moves including super-charged ranged attacks, metal-busting combos, or an arena-shattering ultimate attack!

  • Career Mode: Fight in Mech Leagues and soar to new heights, aiming to be the best mech pilot. Represent your Club and work together with its members to earn Influence and rewards!
  • Ranked Rumbles: Two Mechs enter, one leaves. Battle through the competition and climb the ranks to become a legendary pilot.
  • Mech Mania: 20 playable robots including brand-new mechs with unique abilities, skill sets, and Ultimate moves.
  • Hazardous Arenas: Competitive fighting grounds that include dynamic elements such as geysers, lava pools, and platforms that encourage strategy and unexpected outcomes.
  • Upgraded Game Modes: Pick your playstyle across match types including 1v1, 2v2, free-for-all and several games such as Xenoswarm, King of the Hill and more.
  • Expansive Customizations: Unlock a slew of cosmetic items and attachments for your mech of choice in the Garage.

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Modus Studios Brazil
Publisher: Modus Games

Release Name: Override.2.Super.Mech.League-DARKSiDERS
Size: 2.9 GB
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Dec 22

Gears 5 Hivebusters-CODEX

Release Description:
Return to Gears 5 with the new Hivebusters campaign expansion. Play as Lahni, Keegan and Mac – the heroes of Gears 5’s Escape mode – on their first operation as part of the secretive Hivebuster program. Thrown together and dubbed “Scorpio Squad,” their suicide mission to destroy a Swarm hive may hold the key to saving Sera and their own redemption.

  • Enjoy a new, 3-hour campaign set on the volcanic Galangi islands. The island lava flows and sandy beaches are crawling with Swarm and a deadly new predator.
  • Use and upgrade Ultimate Abilities in a campaign story setting for the first time.
  • Up to 3 player online co-op.

Xbox Profile Required. Sign in with your existing profile or create one for free.

Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: The Coalition
Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

Release Name: Gears.5.Hivebusters-CODEX
Size: 102.9 GB
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